Discover Why Maine’s Men Preferred Workout Is Abs After 40

Abs After 40 is a unique fitness and nutritional plan created by “Ripped Grandpa”, Mark McIylar. Within his program, Mark McIylar includes nutritional plans to burn fat and create a lean, dense core, as well as a unique workout plan that is designed to be easy on the joints. One of the main focuses of this program is the natural building of testosterone, which aids in the burning of fat. One of the main attractions to Abs After 40 , is how it’s aimed towards men in their 40s and 50s who have no experience working out. Men should feel comfort starting the program, because it starts slow and grows exponentially at whatever pace they are comfortable with. Other reasons men older than 40 should look into McIylar’s program is that most workouts are relatively short, fitting into many men’s busy lifestyle.

The Reason Behind The Creation Of Abs After 40

Abs After 40 is McIylar’s solution to a problem many men over 40 have: belly fat. Once Mark reached his 40s, he noticed that his body was not functioning as optimally as it used to. By the time he reached 48, he decided enough was enough and it was time to do something about it. McIylar found little success in other mainstream programs. He later found out that this wasn’t due to a lack of discipline or that he was doing the workouts wrong, it was simply due to his deteriorating hormone system. After discovering this, he decided to create his own program specific to men in his age group. He noticed that all programs he tried either didn’t include a dietary plan or the plan they included had no effect on his testosterone.

abs after 40 After years of trial and error, McIylar found a diet that boosted his testosterone while still letting him eat the food he loves. Another problem he found with traditional workout programs was that they used many isolation exercises. Mark decided to forego the isolation exercises for compound movements because they reduce the risk of injury. By spreading the load over different muscle groups, compound movements reduce the strain on individual muscles. Even after shifting to compound movements, McIylar took it a step further and modified the exercises to be lower impact, further reducing the stress on the joints and optimizing performance.

Journey To Getting Abs: The 3 Phases

1) The first phase on Abs After 40 is the “Fat Loss Jumpstart” phase. Using a new diet plan and many different low impact compound exercises, practitioners aim to cut their calories to a reasonable amount for fat reduction and utilize compound movements in their exercises. The low impact compound movements allow people to spread the muscle strain over multiple areas, helping prevent injury from isolating a certain muscle. Compound exercises also allow one to work more muscles in less time, as well as boost overall hormone production. The main goal of Fat Loss Jumpstart is to start losing belly fat by beginning a well planned out routine involving dietary changes that boost testosterone and utilizing compound exercises.

2) The second phase in McIylar’s program is titled Male Hormone Optimization. After some fat loss is seen, the exercises become more challenging as to keep the body working towards six pack abs. Using unique exercises and a special dietary plan, mne aim to have their testosterone reach a similar level to when they were in their 20s. Benefits of this include: increased energy levels, increased strength, increased ability to burn fat, and an increased sex drive.

3) The third phase is called Full Auto Fat Burning Mode. Within this phase, men start the more intensive part of the program. Using McIylar’s A40 ab training program, men build muscle and definition in the stomach area. One A40 set consists of 4 ab-targeted moves that are performed consecutively without rest in between. On one of the sample sets provided, flutter kicks, toe reaches, pull ins, and reverse crunches are used. McIylar constantly introduces new exercises to increase muscle confusion and get better abs after 40 results. Beyond the core, new compound lifts will be introduced, such as modified squats and deadlifts, which are largely hailed as some of the best compound exercises for anyone. This23 is the phase where men will start to see their body transform quicker and start getting the results they want.

The bottom line is, if you’re a man over 40 who is having trouble burning fat and gaining muscle, look into Abs After 40. The program is tailored to you, and is proved to show great results. Abs After 40 can be found at

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