How much did the cast of home improvement make per episode?

Home Improvement originally chose Frances Fisher, then girlfriend of Hollywood giant Clint Eastwood, as Allen's wife. In fact, Fisher even filmed a pilot for the series. Unfortunately, she didn't resonate with ABC's test hearings, earning her a hasty dismissal. The pilot was re-filmed, with Patricia Richardson now in the role of Allen's wife.

Mixing up cast members this late in the game isn't uncommon for networks looking for the ultimate winning formula. Allen, who moved to Detroit as a teenager and attended Western Michigan University, wore a variety of Michigan college and college hoodies and Ts on Home Improvement, many of them mailed by the schools themselves. In 1985, Karn married actress and singer Tudi Roche, who later appeared alongside him in Home Improvement. The ratings for Home Improvement were so out of the ordinary that its producers considered taking the show to the big screen.

Home Improvement has been in syndication since 1995, with repeats on Nick at Nite, TBS, TV Land, The Hallmark Channel and Disney Channel. Richardson earned many stage credits before joining Home Improvement, including working as a stand-in in Angela Lansbury's production of Gypsy on Broadway. Now Tim Allen is a well-known actor in Hollywood, but it all started with his starring role as Tim Taylor in Home Improvement in 1991.Home Improvement and Tool Time performed in front of a studio audience, some of those fans appeared in episodes as a result of the cameras attending. And while modern audiences may be more familiar with him as a movie star, the eight seasons of Home Improvement stack up to be Allen's most lucrative affair.

Home Improvement was also a must-see for on-campus television, especially in Michigan, where comedy was set. So if he didn't stop acting after “Home Improvement,” even if his co-stars weren't happy, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was definitely still earning an income. The same year he left “Home Improvement”, JTT appeared in two films, and the following year he appeared in two more films. According to a documentary originally aired on The Biography Channel, the network wanted another ninth season of Home Improvement.

In the 90s there was a different feel to family comedies like Married With Children, Roseanne and, of course, Home Improvement. After starring in Home Improvement for most of the 90s, Tim Allen signed his role with an impressive payday. Although fans look back fondly on Jonathan Taylor Thomas' time on 'Home Improvement, 'it's evident that he's nowhere near as famous as everyone thought he would be after the show ended.

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