Is Home Improvement Still Available on Hulu?

It's no secret that Home Improvement was a beloved show for many years, and its fans were disappointed when it was taken off Hulu. Unfortunately, the show is not available on the streaming service, and there is little hope that it will be restored. However, there is still a chance that it could be added to Disney+ in the future. The show, which starred Tim Taylor and Al, was part of a local home improvement series called “Tool Time”.

It was a classic comedy that had a loyal fan base due to its incredible cast and endearing sense of humor. After being taken off Hulu for quite some time, there is little hope that it will be restored. It's easy to imagine that Disney, having learned a thing or two from that fiasco, is willing to avoid similarly annoying Home Improvement fans. This had caused controversy within the community, with most people dissatisfied with the fact that Home Improvement was no longer available on Hulu.

On the other hand, Disney+ could be the perfect platform for Home Improvement. It's clear that Home Improvement would be right at home on Disney+, clean and familiar, and now that the suit with Wind Dancer is resolved, it seems like it's only a matter of time before it is added to the streamer's ever-deepening catalog. However, while these contracts can be extended, the same cannot be said for home improvement contracts. Those of you hoping to see Home Improvement on Hulu will be disappointed to learn that this isn't the case right now.

It could have been decided, for example, that Home Improvement, being a two-decade-old series, could use a more orderly digital conversion than Hulu, or old Mickey could be experimenting with different aspect ratios for his presentation of the show. In the meantime, fans of home improvement can still find plenty of interesting content on Hulu. Asia's longest running reality show, The Apartment has contestants designing and decorating a room each week for a chance to win a luxury apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yes, we admit that there are a lot of manufactured “reality dramas”, but you can always ignore it when needed, and just fast-forward to the reveals for interesting design ideas. See The Apartment on Hulu for episode details.

See Backyard Builds on Hulu for episode details.

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