Is Tim Allen Bringing Home Improvement Back?

Tim Allen is back and better than ever! On Friday, December 4, Fox released a 30-second preview of the final season of the beloved show Last Man Standing. To make the most of it, Tim Allen is not only playing Mike Baxter on the show, but he is also bringing back his iconic role as Tim Taylor from Home Improvement. The Baxters see double when Vanessa hires a home improvement repairman who bears a striking resemblance to Mike. The beloved Home Improvement character made his long-awaited return to television when he appeared on Last Man Standing Thursday night.

Tim Allen took on two of his most iconic roles at the same time, playing Tim Taylor and Mike Baxter during the fun crossover. Showrunner Kevin Abbott then discusses the unlikely crossover event (which paid tribute to a late Home Improvement cast member) and reveals how Mike and Tim's argument will make the Outdoor Man boss think about his third act. Whether you're a fan of Last Man Standing or Home Improvement, you'll be a fan of the ninth season of Last Man Standing. Each of the 10 episodes features three contestants building from their stores, with Allen and Karn, both executive producers, appearing virtually to comment on the competition through two rounds of challenges while Wilkerson explains the intricacies of the inventions.

In a more recent interview on the topic of a home improvement revival, Allen suggested that it would be best to do a one-time special. After Tim Allen tied Last Man Standing in the Home Improvement universe on Thursday's episode, fans of the comedian's first comedy began dreaming of a rebirth. In the episode titled Dual Time, the famous characters finally met after Mike's wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis), hired a home improvement repairman and the two men looked eerily similar. But that wouldn't be very respectful of Patricia Richardson's Jill Taylor, or the characters' children, played by Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taran Noah Smith, and it wouldn't give fans the family dynamic that made Home Improvement work so well.

It was bittersweet for Home Improvement fans to see their favorite handyman back on the small screen, while loyal Last Man Standing viewers were reminded that the prized sitcom is coming to an end. In the episode, Vanessa hired the former Tool Time anchor (who wore a vintage Binford Tools t-shirt) to handle a series of home repairs. Characters Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and sidekick Al Borland were a comic relief for DIY enthusiasts for eight seasons on the popular 90s comedy Home Improvement. In each episode, Allen and Karn will also dive into the unique story of these items to celebrate the men and women who created them and the techniques used.

Tim Allen reprised his role as Tim “The Tool Man Taylor” of Home Improvement during Thursday's Last Man Standing. Unfortunately, Home Improvement is not currently available anywhere for subscription streaming, although fans can purchase episodes and seasons through Amazon or other similar platforms. Fortunately, the audience was able to witness a truly crazy crossing when Allen did a double task in bringing Tim Taylor from Home Improvement to the Last Man Standing universe.

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