Is Tim Allen Rebooting Home Improvement?

From his role as Tim the Tool Man Taylor in Home Improvement to Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies to Mike Baxter in Last Man Standing, Tim Allen has been making his fans laugh for years. With the casts of beloved 90s sitcoms reuniting to film special episodes, many are wondering if Tim Allen and Richard Karn will be getting together to reboot Home Improvement. The answer is no, but the two are back to working together on a new show. This show is very branded when it comes to its comedy characters.

It was only when the network proposed killing Jill as a way to make Season 9 of Home Improvement happen that Allen also decided it was time to end the comedy. Karn, who played Al Borland opposite Allen's Tim Taylor on the serial home improvement program Tool Time, was more succinct about his enthusiasm for a new and improved series. Last Man Standing on Fox may be coming to an end, but Tim Allen may be sending hints that he is ready to return to his 90s comedy Home Improvement. Fortunately, the audience was able to witness a truly crazy crossing when Allen did a double task in bringing Tim Taylor from Home Improvement to the Last Man Standing universe.

Tim Allen, like his comedy counterpart, is a big fan of cars and in fact took home the 1933 Ford Roadster that was used in Home Improvement. The show, which was almost called Hammer Time, focused on Tim Taylor of Allen, host of a home improvement series called Tool Time. In the episode titled Dual Time, the famous characters finally met after Mike's wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis), hired a home improvement repairman and the two men looked eerily similar. However, perhaps the best tweet from the Assembly Required set included a photo of Allen and Karn standing next to the Home Improvement hot rod.

Given his success following the show's end, it's doubtful that Tim Allen will regret spending Season 9 of Home Improvement now. However, with the show about to celebrate a major milestone, this Last Man Standing cameo could be acting as a backdoor pilot for a future Home Improvement reboot. Home Improvement debuted in 1991 and became one of the most important comedies of the 90s and also launched Allen to movie stardom, thanks to his appearances in The Santa Clause and Toy Story.

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