Where to watch Home Improvement

Home Improvement, a sitcom series starring Tim Allen, Debbe Dunning, and Patricia Richardson is available to stream now. The classic ’90s comedy Home Improvement will return to Hulu on Friday, Sept. The classic ’90s comedy Home Improvement will return to Hulu on Friday, Sept. It might have been decided, for example, that Home Improvement being a two-decade old series could use a tidier digital conversion than Hulu's, or ol' Mickey might be experimenting with different aspect ratios for its presentation of the show.

Although it's been over two decades since Home Improvement was on the air, it's retained its loyal fan base, thanks to its amazing cast and endearing sense of humor. Hulu is also home to fellow Tim Allen series Last Man Standing and Assembly Required, which makes Home Improvement a perfect fit for the service.

Is Home Improvement on Netflix or Hulu?

Loyal “Home Improvement fans speculate that maybe this is the reason their favorite show was no longer on Hulu. The most likely reason for the show not appearing on Disney+ or Hulu is because of a lawsuit between Disney and the creators of ‘Home Improvement’. While it is simply speculation, some sources have wondered if the lack of “Home Improvement on Disney+ is related to a lawsuit that was filed nearly a decade ago. Home Improvement may end up being the biggest arrival on Hulu in the month of September, but the streaming service kicked off the month by adding a horde of other titles to its lineup.

Home Improvement ran for 204 episodes on ABC from 1991 to 1999, raking in a handful of Emmy nominations during its tenure.

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