Will Home Improvement Come Back? A Look at the Possibilities

Tim “The Tool Man Taylor” may have gone off the air in 1999, but home improvement fans have been eagerly awaiting his return ever since. Last Man Standing viewers were recently treated to a special crossover episode featuring Tim Allen in two of his most iconic roles, Tim Taylor and Mike Baxter. Could a home improvement revival be on the horizon?Home Improvement ran from 1991 to 1999 and starred Tim Allen as the hilarious TV host and father of three children. The show was beloved by viewers for its unique blend of comedy and home improvement tips.

During the Last Man Standing crossover, viewers were delighted to see the transition from the current scene to a home improvement style, where the Baxter's house deconstructed and collapsed. It was a bittersweet moment for Home Improvement fans, as it reminded them that Last Man Standing is coming to an end. In a recent interview, Tim Allen suggested that a Home Improvement revival would be best done as a one-time special. If he returns for Season 9 (which is currently “a safe bet”), he will have surpassed Home Improvement in terms of the number of seasons. Still, Allen is aware that a return of Home Improvement would require some finesse, as there are some similarities between him and Last Man Standing. Allen and Karn are known for their work on the 90s mainstay Home Improvement on ABC, which ran from 1991 to 1999. Karn, who played Al Borland opposite Allen's Tim Taylor on the serial home improvement show Tool Time, expressed his enthusiasm for a new and improved series.

Home Improvement aired for eight seasons (and a total of 204 episodes) on ABC, from September 1991 to May 1999. If Home Improvement were to make a comeback, it wouldn't be like other revivals out there. It wouldn't be respectful of Patricia Richardson's Jill Taylor or the characters' children, played by Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taran Noah Smith, to bring them back without giving fans the family dynamic that made Home Improvement so successful. With the success of Roseanne's rebirth series and now The Conners, Home Improvement could be a perfect fit. After Tim Allen tied Last Man Standing in the Home Improvement universe on Thursday's episode, fans of the comedian's first comedy began dreaming of a rebirth. At the time, Allen said he's still in touch with everyone from Home Improvement but thought it wouldn't be a good idea to bring it back while Last Man Standing was still in operation.

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